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Thall are very tall and thin, with skin the almost-black of jungle soil. You have long fingers that although thin are surprisingly strong at grasping. You wear very little, or nothing at all, and find any sort over covering extremely uncomfortable. You will carry a blowgun or club or reed-knife.



Race Abilities

You blend into darkness when you choose to, and can remain completely motionless in tension for minutes at a time. When you leap into action every muscle is released in a fury of motion.

Speed +1

Attempts to disarm you or pull from your grasp are at -1.


  • Hunter - You are a Hunter, with deadly accuracy you bring down prey with your blowgun. You know poisons and can use the correct ones against the right enemy. You will never shy away from a direct attack and will not fear any opponent. You live by the code of the hunter and will attempt to use every part of the creature you have killed, even if only as bait for larger prey. Accuracy +1
  • Shunned - You, whether by choice or as punishment, no longer live or interact with the rest of the Thall. You travel alone, seeking shelter where you can. You will find nor accept any permanent home. You understand your shunning and accept it. You have no family, and no family has you. Resolve +1
  • Seeker - You seek the mysteries, whether in the plants of the forest, the movements of the stars, or the technologies of the past. You have chosen one obsession and will follow it until the end of your life, only to collect this knowledge and share it with the next generation of Seekers. Derivation +1
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