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Stamb are strong and lumbering, covered in thick matted hair from head to hindquarters. You can stand and use your hands for rough manipulation, but you prefer to be on all fours, where you have most of your strength and speed. Your forehead is strong and prominent and used in charge attacks. The colour of your skin and furs varies from the colour of dry wheat to the mottled shades of birch bark.



Race Abilities

You can, when on all-fours, charge at opponents causing them to fear and dodge out of the way or be knocked down and take damage.

Will +1

Attempts to grapple or knock you down are at -1.


  • Alpha - You are a herd leader and have shown your wisdom in protecting others. You have an aura of strength and intelligence (at least compared to other Stamb). Constitution +1
  • Scout - You protect the herd through your strength and brutality. You will charge and stomp your opponents into the dirt. You are quick to anger, but fiercely loyal to those you consider part of your herd. Attach +1
  • Survivor - You are, at least as far as you are aware, the last of your herd. You, as a Stamb, must find another herd to attack to and protect, or your life is meaningless. Resolve +1
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