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Konxa are thin and strong, with bronze skin and long curly hair only on their heads. This hair is bleached by the sun, sand, and salt, being light on top and darker underneath. While not very tall, they are swift and strong, and the risk in attacking them is often underestimated.


Konxa are the sea people, at home in the waves and shores. They are artists and artisans, carvers and builders. They can communicate in whistles over long distances, and across the waves. When they are attacked, they coordinate by their whistling language to great effect.

Race Abilities

Sapience +1

Attempts to trick or confuse are at -1.


  • Diver - You have practised breath holding, and can dive deep to find the natural and unnatural treasures beneath the water's surface. Your vision underwater is nearly as good as on land. Your knowledge of the creatures of the deep can help you, and even roughly communicate with the most intelligent of them on occasion. Constitution +1
  • Skimmer - You excel at the canoes and waveboards that the Konxa use to survive and prosper. You use a barbed spear with a rope to hunt water creatures and bring them to the surface. You know and can predict the weather and the tides. Attack +1
  • Speaker - Among the Konxa, your whistle is prominent. You are the one you calls to the others across the water, and to other tribes along the coast. Your 'words' are tru and clear. You hear the others and communicate the news from afar to your people. Derivation +1
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