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Hyunpe are the desert people, known as “those who live in cloth”. Dark skinned, cover themselves with cloth, with woven stories across them. They have piercing yellow-green eyes visible between the folds of cloth.


Hyunpe and their livestock herds live in the vast deserts where they know how to survive but outsiders don't. Very insular, but willing to trade, they don't tend to mix with others until they have proven themselves honest. They make yearly summer pilgrimages to the rivers at the edge of the deserts to gather vast quantities of reeds and grass for their crafts. The Hyunpe are story-writers, and are obsessed with writing down their tales. These woven storycloths are greatly desired across the world, as are those who can read them.

Race Abilities


Attempts to hide from a Hyunpe are at -1.


  • Herder - You know the animals of your people, using them to help yourself and others survive. You run along with them, calm them, or excite them to charge or scatter. You know which creatures are willing to be ridden, giving you great advantage over those on foot. Constitution +1
  • Teller - As a teller, you know the old stories and weave your own. You enrapture peoples' eyes, hearts and minds. You excel at originality and seek to surprise. Resolve +1
  • Walker - You know the paths through the desert, leading your own people or acting as a guide for people not of the desert. You record the storymaps for future generations, correcting them where necessary. Derivation +1
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