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Contests of Skill

Between two entities (people/animals/etc.) contest of skill are decided by determining what ability (core or derived) is applicable, and then having both sides roll 1d10. The results are then compared.


  1. Lyann (a Thall) wants to kick Juxa (a Stamb). Lyann's Accuracy (derived ability) goes against Juxa's Speed (a core ability). This is because Juxa will attempt to dodge and not be hit by this attack.
  2. Lyann's Accuracy is 7
  3. Juxa's Speed is 4
  4. Lyann rolls 1d10 and gets a 1, which is added to his Accuracy for 8.
  5. Juxa rolls 1d10 and get a 6, which is added to his Speed for 10.
  6. Lyann's kick misses.

It's not always immediately clear what abilities are used in a contest of skill. Here is a simple guide:

  1. A rope-pulling contest: Power versus Power
  2. A foot race (sprint): Speed versus Speed
  3. A long-distance foot race: Dexterity (Speed+Will)/2 versus Dexterity (Speed+Will)/2
  4. Solving a puzzle created by another: Sapience versus Sapience

The Game Master is the ultimate decider on which abilities are most appropriate.

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