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Delling are small and extensively furred. Their fur (and the skin underneath) varies from sandy tan to fully black. They cover themselves in shawls and ponchos of woven grass cloth when away from their homes, and can blend into the grass on plateaus above their canyons and caves extremely well. They often will be found with spears and slings, for which they can be deadly accurate.


Delling thrive in close places and hidden homes. Cave and canyon dwellers, they are known for using and keeping fire. Delling are aggressively protective and shun most visitors. They do have some amount of agricultural knowledge, especially in the growing and harvest of edible fungi.

Race Abilities

Will +1

Attempts to coerce, torture, blackmail, interrogate (or similar) are at -1.


  • Stalker - You excel at quiet movement, especially in long grasses or other places where you can hide in cover. When you wish not to be seen, it's very unlikely you will be. You have an innate understanding of finding the right place. From this location, you can nearly silently propel a ranged attack. Dexterity +1
  • Delver - You know the caves and canyons and seek to dig deeper and deeper. You know minerals and fungi, for food, healing, dyeing, and other uses. Derivation +1
  • Slinger - Your arm is swift, your aim is true. With sling in hand you pinpoint your ranged target and let loose, striking true and deadly. Accuracy +1
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